Our story

Agriverse is an insights platform developed and run by agri-food research specialists, England Marketing. We have been conducting research across the sector for over 30 years, with clients including NFU, BASIS, LEAF, Red Tractor, Agricultural Industries Confederation, RSPCA Assured, Bayer Crop Science, McArthur Agriculture, and many others. Our years of research in the sector brought us to the conclusion that there is a real need for a facility that allows agri-businesses to hear and understand the thoughts and opinions of farmers, and this led us to develop Agriverse to facilitate these key insights. 

Our team consists of a diverse group of industry professionals, including data scientists, digital media specialists, and marketing and strategy experts.

With deep roots in the agriculture sector, the team possess a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that sets us apart. At England Marketing, our strong ties to the farming community drive our passion and understanding of the industry. With two Directors who are farmers themselves, we have an unparalleled connection to the challenges and nuances of agriculture.

This unique perspective allows us to provide an exceptional level of insight and understanding to complement your Agriverse experience. Our bespoke research services, tailored specifically to your needs, deliver enhanced value and deeper insights. We can go beyond surface-level analysis, leveraging our industry expertise to offer strategic recommendations and customised solutions that based on a detailed knowledge of industry forecasts and developments.

Our Mission

At Agriverse, our mission is to foster meaningful connections and bridge the communication gap between farmers and businesses. We believe that the voices of farmers – the true custodians of the land – need to be heard clearly, directly, and authentically. Their insights, drawn from daily experiences and an intimate knowledge of the land, are invaluable to any business involved in food, agri, and supply chain. 

Our platform harnesses the wealth of discussions happening organically amongst farmers and industry professionals across popular online platforms. We listen to the experts, the farmers themselves, as they share their experiences, concerns, and ideas. Using cutting-edge AI technology, we convert these raw, unfiltered conversations into actionable insights through thematic analysis, sentiment tracking, and more, to give a true picture of industry opinions, creating a powerful tool for strategic decision-making.

As farmers ourselves, respecting and valuing the privacy of those whose commentary we derive insights from is at the core of what we do. We ensure that all data is anonymised and treated with the utmost care, adhering to stringent data protection standards – feel free to ask us for more information.

Why Choose Us

Industry Experts

We boast a team deeply rooted in the agricultural sector, providing unique, reality-grounded expertise and understanding of the industry.

Unprecedented Insights

Harnessing the power of AI, Agriverse transforms raw, unfiltered farmer discussions into actionable intelligence for your business.

Respect for Privacy

Agriverse is committed to stringent data protection, ensuring farmer privacy while delivering valuable, anonymised insights.

Dynamic Dashboards

Our platform features user-friendly dashboards focused on key industry topics, enabling informed decision-making through a comprehensive view of sentiment, trends, and themes.

Empower your business with Agriverse.

Don’t let the pulse of the agriculture sector slip by. Reach out to us now and leverage the wisdom of the farming community to propel your business to new heights.